FouadWhatsApp v9.29 Apk Latest Version Download [FMWhatsApp]

Download FM Fouad WhatsApp v9.29 Apk 

FMWhatsApp v9.29 by Fouad Mokad

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Changelog v9.29 :

🏷 Base:
☑️ [Fixed] Group privacy not in group settings
☑️ [Fixed] Hidden chat show in search
☑️ [Fixed] Copy Caption for media
☑️ [Fixed] Normal backup at 2am
☑️ [Fixed] Calls crash on some phones
☑️ [Fixed] Auto Reply page random crash on some phones
☑️ [Fixed] Select status video random crash
☑️ [Fixed] Fingerprint lock settings issues
☑️ [Fixed] Calls crash on some phones
☑️ [Improved] Double Tap to Like 

WhatsApp+ & FMWhatsApp Features :

👉 Added: Copy Caption feature for media (image/video)
(Select image/video > 3-dot > Copy Caption)
🔸 Added: Ability to set "Search Web" or use Emoji for Profile Photo
🔸 Enable: Reactions feature (Long press any msg)
🔸 Enable: Pause and resume voice note recording
🔸 Enable: New Privacy Settings (contacts except) for Last Seen and Profile Photo
🔸 Re-Added: In-App Translation
🔸 Added: Option to switch translation mode between in-app or GTranslate app (FMMods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)
🔸 Added: Show total message count in View All Messages screen
🔸 Added: Buttons to scroll to bottom (newest) and top (oldest) message in in View All Messages screen
🔸 Added: Clear Backup option now delete all old backups data. More space saving. (FMMods > Universal > Backup And Restore > Clear).

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