GBWhatsApp PRO v14.00 Apk Latest Version Download (Alexmod)

Download New GBWhatsApp PRO v14.00 Apk by Alexmod

Base :

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Features oF GBWhatsApp :

• Base added to 
• Added: Download to view images / video once
• Added: View all messages sent by the contact in the group (click on the name).
• Added: Change the color of points online (Mods Settings> Home Screen> Rows).
• Fixed file chat not showing in group tab
• Fixed RC-Telegram X recording box bug
• Fixed crash when trying to archive a hidden chat
• Fixed large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat
• Fixed groups with "Administrator only" still showing the send message box on some input styles
• Fixed WhatsApp lock not working for pattern and pin
  Fixed random notification glitch
• Fixed notification not showing for hidden chats
• Fixed random crash when using Ig status style
• Fixed hidden call buttons in chat action bar not working
• Fixed mute icon not showing for chats in groups tab
• Fixed talk cards option (multiple chats) does not work
• Fixed clicking "WhatsApp" not opening hidden chats on some phones.
• Fixed "Who can call me" options not selecting contacts correctly.
• Fixed Apk not installing on Android 5
• Fixed random crash after registering phone number on some phones.

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