MKWhatsapp v2.0 Apk Latest version download

MKWhatsApp Plus v2.0 Whatsapp mod - New Update - cool & new features from the given link

Amendment Mohamed estoppel

You can put video case Alsturi
Minutes to unlimited

update base Almarki 2.17.146

Whatsapp Plus MK Whatsapp v2.0

  1. You can send all the files and the most important apk directly
  2. You can install an unlimited number of groups at the top of the list Chats
  3. You can modify the option number 6.8 and then a list of names instead of the status menu or instead of the call log list
  4. You can change the style hidden open conversations hidden conversations and then the Settings button
  5. You can hide the button from the top bar enclosing the list of conversations from option No. 1.1.14
  6. You can hide the button box enclosing the writing in the conversation option number 2.1.44
  7. You can anyone ID from your hand when a change image of option No. 2.5.7
  8. The program can notify you when the release of new updates

Download MK Whatsapp Plus :
Version : v2.0
Package : com,mkwhatsapp
Download [MKWhatsapp V2.0]

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