WhatsApp Gold v6.5 Download Apk Latest Version

WhatsAppMods : [APK]Download WhatsApp Suke v6.5.

WhatsApp Gold Apk
Changelog v6.5

WhatsApp Plus & WhatsAppGold features:

➔ Fix crash when open Others Settings
➔ Added Conversation Cards (Multi Chats)
➔ Added Change Emoji in App
➔ Added OLD UI (2014)
➔ [Added] More Ticks (100)?
➔ [Added] More Bubbles (65)?
➔ [Added] More Notfication icon (185)?
➔ [Added] More Launcher icon (77)?
➔ [Added] Option to Change Home Screen Style? (7 Styles)
➔ [Added] Option to Change Fonts Style? (69 fonts) working with fonts atnfas hoak option
➔ [Added] option to center names in conversation header?
➔ [Added]  Switch account
➔ [Expansion] Limit Sharing media + Status
➔ Now you can hide the icon + name of App by choosing the Lancher icon (see the photos)
➔ [Added] Anti-Expiry
➔ Now "Others Settings" Works fast??
➔ New Look for Lock / Lock Chat
➔ [Added] More Features "For Arab"

[APK] Download WhatsApp Gold v6.5:

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Packag: com.whatsappgold

WhatsApp Gold: Download Apk

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