AERO WhatsApp v9.05 Latest Version Download

Download Aero WhatsApp v9.05 Apk Latest Version

🆕 #Base:
📆 11-23-2021

Features oF WhatsApp AERO :

🔸 Added download option to View images / videos once.
🔸Added View all messages sent by contact in group (click name).
🔘 Fixed archive chat row not showing in group tab.
🔘Fixed RC-TELEGRAM X conversation input style recording box bug.
🔘Fixed crash when trying to archive a hidden chat.
🔘Fixed large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat.
🔘Fixed groups where "Administrator only" keep showing message send box in some input styles.
🔘Fixed WhatsApp lock not working for pattern and PIN.
🔘Fixed random notification crash.
🔘Fixed notification not showing for hidden chats.
🔘Fixed random crash when using IG status style.
🔘Fixed hidden call buttons in chat action bar not working.
🔘Fixed mute icon not showing for chats in groups tab.
🔘The fixed talk cards option (multiple chats) does not work.
🔘Fixed clicking "WhatsApp" not opening hidden chats on some phones.
🔘Fixed "Who can call me" options not selecting contacts correctly.
🔘Fixed APK not installing on Android 5.
🔘Fixed random crash after registering phone number on some phones.
🔘Misc: some icons were changed.
🔘Many other fixes and improvements.

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