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📆 02/02/2021

Features oF WhatsApp Aero : 8.70

🔸 Added voice changer for voice memos (Chat> 3 points> Voice changer).  Record the voice memo and send it.
🔸 Added preview and confirm before sending sticker (Aero Privileges> Conversation).
🔸 Added option to remove downloaded emoji packs.
🔸 Added "FM Layout - Aero IOS X 2" to advanced home screen styles.
🔸 Added "iOS Top Text Color" and "iOS Fab Icon Color" options for layouts like "FM Layout - Aero IOS X 2".
🔸 Added counter for archived chats.
🔸 Added color options for archived chat counter.
🔸 Gradient color option added to some color options.
🔹 All advanced home screen styles have been optimized.  All unnecessary code that consumes resources has been cleaned up and edited.
🔹 You no longer need to change dozens of options to change the style of the home screen.  Many things will happen automatically:
- Bad-looking headspace automatically closes.
- The tab underline color is hidden or displayed depending on the selected home screen style.
- The texts on the tabs are hidden or displayed depending on the selected home screen style.
- There is no need to make additional settings on the FAB button for each home screen style.
- No more crashes when separating groups and chats.

And many other things happen automatically in the background without the need for additional adjustments.  Everything is much easier now.

📌 Fixed slow sending of messages in groups.

📌 Fixed bugs in some advanced home screen styles.

📌 The default theme is set as the original WhatsApp theme.

⚠️ The locations of various color options and the color options of some designs have been changed.  Therefore, you may need to edit the theme you are using.

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