How to Unban WhatsApp Number (100% Working)

If your WhatsApp number has been permanently or temporarily banned please just copy and e-mail the message below to the WhatsApp support team to unban your number. I have personally tried it out and my number was unbanned.

Message: (Just Copy and Paste it)

Hello WhatsApp Team,
My WhatsApp account temporarily banned. I have already switched my from modified whatsapp to official WhatsApp. Please Review and Unban

My WhatsApp Number  +91 70004*********

Send e-mail to:  [email protected]
Subject:  WhatsApp Number Banned 


NOTE:  The WhatsApp support team might take just minutes, hours, days or even weeks to respond but trust me they will respond, just wait and be patient until your number is unbanned and you will receive a reply. Mine took me about 7 days.

Below is a screen shot of the e-mail reply that i got from the WhatsApp support team.

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