DELTA YOWA v3.6.1 Latest Version Download

Download Delta YOWhatsApp New Version v3.6.1 by DeltaLab Studio.

Changelog v3.6.1:

- Fix DND Mode

- Hide Profile Header (Card UI)

- Improve IOS Mode

- On Off Blur Tab for IOS UI

   > Long Click Create Icon -> DND Mode 

   > Long Click Pencil Icon -> Open My Statuses

   > Long Click Camera Icon -> Open Splitter

   > Long Click Fab Menu -> Open DELTA Settings

   > Long Click Fab Chat -> Open Unsave Number

Changelog v3.6.0F:

- Fix Attach File

Changelog v3.6.0:

- Base from FMWA 8.65

- IOS Home Style

- Redesign Chat Unsave Number

- On Off Encrypt Chat 

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