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dYowa v30

New Generation


Features oF DYOWA :

πŸ”· Exclusive  0ne Ul Design and New UI Design

πŸ”· Added > New Default Therne (Light/Night)

πŸ”· Added New styles for lG Story

πŸ”· Added New Ul for adding a status from 10 Story

πŸ”· Added New Ul design for Bottom Bar Sbyles

πŸ”· Added New Ul for activating options airplane mode, light/night

πŸ”· Added Color Background Forward

πŸ”· Added Color Icon Forward

πŸ”· Added Color Option for Dialog Chat

πŸ”· Added Color Option for Dialog Music

πŸ”· Added Color Option for Hame Fab

πŸ”· Added Animate name in header when it is too long

πŸ”·Added Animate Airplane icon when turned ON to alert you

πŸ”· Added Color options for lG Story elements

πŸ”· Added o Enable Chats/Groups separate without 16 Stories

πŸ”· Added Music Control

πŸ”· Added Analog Clock

πŸ”· Added Photo Profile

πŸ”· Added Custom Photo

πŸ”· Added Clock Design and Color Option

πŸ”· Added> More Direct/Settings lcon

πŸ”· Added More Search Icon

πŸ”· Added More Airplane Icon

πŸ”· Added co More Night/Light Mode lcon

πŸ”· Added o More Chat Icon

πŸ”· Added Many More.

πŸ”· Added c» Teks Carrier

πŸ”· New Stylo

πŸ”· New Quick Contact Style

πŸ”· New Dialog Ul

πŸ”· Fixed Contact Pic not showing when sending media in groups

πŸ”·Fixed Airplane and Light/Night mode icon not hiding in Groups tab

πŸ”· Fixed Bottom bar styles not working correctly RTL

πŸ”· Updated Translations

NOTE In-conversations translate feature now requires (Google Translate) App to be installed

πŸ”· Misc Many other Fixes and improvements that we forgot

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