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Features oF DWhatsApp :

- Option to Separate Chats / Groups conversations into two screens
- Swipe chat row in home screen to see quick actions
- Dark Mode for dWhatsApp and Settings
- Now you can return to WhatsApp default
- Now dWhatsApp 99% Support Theming. you can create theme by yourself (save and share for everyone)
- New Home Style (10 Styles)
- New Design dWhatsApp settings
- Bottom Tab Instagram is used to move between chat/group/status and call posts
- New Quick contact style
- New Chat row style
- New Status row style
- New Calls row style
- Full music player
- Page animations
- List animations
- Spam chat
- Youtube & Browser
- Text to Emoji
- Text repeater
- Text styles
- Text creations
- Text fancy
- Emoticons & Blank Text
- Google Translate
- Quick contact chat like telegram
- Change icon new chat (17 Styles)
- Change icon action/direct chat (28 Styles)
- Change icon search (17 Styles)
- Change icon night mode (12 Styles)
- Change icon dnd mode (5 Styles)
- Gradient colors for profile instagram, tab instagram, quick contact and music player
- Change dWhatsApp settings styles (3 Styles)
- Custom followers, following, posts, name, category profile and bio
- Hide search icon
- Hide button spam chat
- Move button spam chat
- Action FAB Chat (you can enable from dWhatsApp Settings - Home - Button Fab - Show home fab
- Change border size for profile
- Change photo profile size
- Settings shadow row for chat,status and call
- Settings rounded for row chat,status and call
- Settings border for row chat,status and call
- Disable right-left page
- Some settings are moved to be easier
- Additional conversation_entry style (3 styles count: 29 styles)
- Additional chats row style (8 styles count: 16 styles )
- Change status row style (4 styles)
- Change calls row style (6 styles)
- Change Quick contact style (5 styles)
- Anti virus like: virus text, virus contact and more
- New Fonts Styles (24 styles)
- Update translation French
- Update translation Indonesian
- Donate
- Guide Book
- Improved Performance and speed
- Fixed Default color using whatsapp green color
- Fixed  Music background color
- Fixed People pictures shows incorrectly in Instagram status style
- Fixed Status text not appearing sometimes when replying to status
- Fixed Toolbar icons changing to white randomly
- Fixed Black line when scrolling when Instagram status style is enabled
- Fixed Row chat not changed color
- Fixed Gradient theme
- Fixed Indonesian Translation
- Fixed Reset theme
- Fixed Colors for quick contact
- Fixed Theming options
- Fixed Fab Chat seen in Quick Chat
- Fixed Home styles
- Fixed Some bugs in old Version 0.10
- Fixed "App Not Installed" error
- Fixed Fingerprint timeout randomly switches to "Immediately"
- Fixed Swipe between screens when Swipe Row is enabled
- Fixed Other bugs

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