NEWhatsApp v6.56 Latest Version Download Now By Altornedo7

Download NEWhatsApp v6.56 Apk By Altornedo7

WhatsApp+ By @altornedo7 

Changelog v6.56  

※ Now my fonts working with GBWA fonts "Added all my fonts😍)
- when open change fonts option .. waiting some ment just when the first time

NEWhatsApp+ Features :

⊕ Added option to change Calls Screen Design (6 Style)

⊕ Added option to change Status Screen Design (6 Style)

⊕ Added Home Ui Design (6 Style)

⊕ Added Home Screen Themes (13 Style)

⊕ Added options to change colours of  Floating Button (Color for every button)

⊕ Added option to Change all backgrounds Main
- Chat
- Status
- Call

⊕ Added Set your Name Home ActionBar
- Set Your Name  
- Set Status Under your Name
- Set your number instead Status

⊕ Added options For Stauts. .
- Hide muted status
- Hide Viewed status
- Hide Recent status

⊕ Added option to hide all media from gallery

⊕ Added new forms for action bar design
- WAMOD Style
- Photo + Name Center Style
 - Photo + Name in Right Style
- Name in Right Style
- Hide Names Style

⊕ Added new Conversation Style Entry
- WAMOD Style
- Hangouts Style
- Rounded by Naza
- Allo By Samyadeep
- Mood
- Viber
- Hello Kitty

⊕ Added option to change attachment Screen Design (7 Style)
⊕ Added Old Emoji option (Back to old emoji)
⊕ Added Boom Text (💣) in emoji screen
⊕ Added option to hide Boom Text (💣) from emoji screen
⊕ Added Auto Text (PING!!!)
⊕ Added option to hide Auto Text (PING!!!) Entry screen
⊕ Added option to change color Auto Text / Boom Text icon
⊕ Added option to  closing the conversation by swiping from left to right
⊕ Added more Ticks  Style (97)
⊕ Added more Chat Bubbles Style (75)
⊕ Added option to Change  lock backgrounds
⊕ Added option to change Plus Settings Design (6 Style)
⊕ Added option to change WhatsApp Settings Design (6 Style)
⊕ Added Old Privacy options
⊕ Added option to Make number and message in link
⊕ Added option to send Multi-Text for your friends
⊕ Added more Launcher icons (122)
⊕ Added more Notifybar Icon (266)
⊕ Added more features

Download Link:

NEWhatsApp -> com.newhatsapp

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