YOWhatsApp 7.51 Latest Version Apk Download

Download YoWAV7.50 by+Yousef Al-Basha

Changelog V7.51:

  [Extended] Expiry date
  [Enabled] Group Settings - Send Messages
  [Removed] Annoying Update WhatsApp message

NOTE: V7.60 will be released soon with

* [Extend] validity period
* [Activation] supervisors option to prevent members from sending messages in groups
* Remove message update Alarming
 Note:  version will be released soon with 7.60 new features ... and we apologize for the delay in  update


  [Base Update] 2.18.122 - Play Store
  [Enabled] One touch voice note recording  (Press and swipe up)
  [Added] Contacts screen automatically takes theme
  [Added] Change CHAT tab unread counter
  [Added] Change CHAT tab unread counter
  [Added] Lock Wallpaper Preview after choosing
  [Added] OnePlus (Slate) font
  [Added] Old Stock (2016)
  [Added] YoWA Entry extra attachements button
  [Added] Attach button in WANH entry
  [Improved] Re-organised Home Screen
  [Enabled] Group Description - Working.
  [Enabled] Group Settings - Activated.
  [Re-Enabled] Last seen on
  [Fixed] White themes caller name not
  [Fixed] Android KitKat calls crash
  [Fixed] Share 100 images from gallery
  [Fixed] error when setting lock wallpaper
  [Fixed] Disable Android Oreo 8.0+ heads
  Other bugs fixes and Improvements

  [Updated  Base]  2.18.122 - PlayStation Store
  [Add]  number  messages in  top bar color change (2.1.4)
  [Add]  color  text inside  circle number  messages in  top bar (2.1.5)
  [Add]  see  lock after  background image selected and edited by (6.0.8)
  [Add]  introduction  Style YoWA
  [Add]  attach files in Styal insert WANH button
  [Activate]  possibility  adding  description of  groups Upload Watch
  [Activation]  name
  [Re  activation]  last appearance of people in  main screen
  [Thisn]  settings Home
  [Fix]  name  person calls in  White Theme
  [Repair]  show by Alwatsab
  [Reform]  stop  pop  up notifications for phones Android 8.0 and above option (if I stayed, go to applications and YoWhatsApp and Geyer "important" to  default)
  Reforms  other improvements

Base: 2.18.122- Play Store

NOTE: Delete for everyone now only works  As whatsapp fixed it ¯ \ (ツ

Thanks for being patient and waiting respectfully for  More exciting features will be added next updates

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