Whatsapp Indigo V5.60 Apk Latest Version download

Based on GBWA plus 5.60
Modded by Ismael H (ISM MODS)

Convenient, quick, simple, pleasant and stable, it consists of the following:

Features of Whatsapp Indigo :

* Com.whatsapp Package
* Colored with indigo 93%
* Replaced almost all bubbles chat and come in varied blue (Gota, Bryed, Fold, In, Crayont, Nay and 3d)
* Changed the emoji emoji stock by ONE, complete.
* Added bubble Smoke and Nay By Nairo Mix Material Mods
* Changed most system icons and colored by indigo teal.
* Added colorful icons on gbsettings round, and the stock settings (icons exclusive mios)
* Nice and decorated the About, Lock and Hide Pattern colored the Chats.
* Added Tick "Single Color"
* Changed sound output, input, recording chats.
* Changed some icons the Launcher.
* Changed widget icon "Hide Ultima Hora and indigo colored the Messages widget.

Not know what else to escape but good if you use me see more stuff.

Thanks to

Nairo mix - Material mods.
Anfas hoak (Omar) GBwhatsapp Creator
Team GB


Download links :
Version : v5.60

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  1. App not working.Just telling me that my time is inaccurate.I dont know what the problem might be.