GB Whatsapp 5.60 apk Material Mod

GB RE - MOD Changes : Whatsapp v5.60

⏩ (Exclusive) file upload limit is now 3GB (By Krevtxre)
⏩  (Exclusive) Limit upload audio files now 700MB (By Krevtxre)
⏩  Mod enabled by default 5.2 (By Krevtxre)
⏩  Mod 5.4 active default po (By Krevtxre)
⏩ And many more design changes and improved base APK (By Krevtxre & Kvdv-BZ)
⏩  New Launcher icon (By Krevtxre & Kvdv-BZ)
⏩  New camera icon in conversation screen (WhatsApp official) (By Krevtxre and Kvdv-BZ)
⏩  We return white icon notifications (By Krevtxre & Kvdv-BZ)
⏩  Other improvements in design (By Krevtxre & Kvdv-BZ)
⏩  Improved performance and fluidity (By AbrakadabraModz, Kvdv-BZ & Krevtxre)
⏩  Code cleanup ... (By AbrakadabraModz & Kvdv.BZ)
⏩  New icons emoji selection bar (By Krevtxre)
⏩  New integrated emoji (By Krevtxre)
⏩  Some arrangements (By Krevtxre)
⏩  New icons changed (design ...) (By Krevtxre)
⏩  Rosa Solo Version emoji Stock [edited] (By Kary Ninoska)
⏩  Emoji Plus Original (WhatsApp +) back and therefore have replaced the flags (Emoji Plus only see the Mod either this or that had integrated) (By Krevtxre)
⏩   Correcion other minor bugs
⏩   Error correction with Telefonos de Navbar (no physical buttons)
⏩   New file upload limit (1024 Mb) (By Krevtxre)
⏩   Other code cleanups (By AbrakadabraModz)
⏩   Voice Memo icons changed (XXHDPI only) (Test 2) (By Krevtxre)
⏩   New icons Emojis & Camara balloon writing (By Krextvre)
⏩   Changed icons on camera screen (By Krevtxre)
⏩   More icons added to  MOD (By Krevtxre)
⏩   Redesigned icons music player (By Krevtxre)
⏩   Chat fund changed Wall "mickye Dope" (By Krevtxre)
⏩   Many icons added to this Mod and edited colors
⏩   Black icons now changed settings (By (By Krevtxre)
⏩   New icons Avatar Profile and Group (Style Vector)
⏩   New sounds in conversation screen (all and beautiful sounds) (By Krevtxre)
⏩   New icon chats and return Mutated groups (MD Style) (By Krevtxre)
⏩   New icons on screen calls
⏩   New missed call icon in WhatsApp (MD Style) (Thanks to Jorge Teniza for support on the icon)
⏩   New color defectoSoporte in Spanish [Changelog] (By Krevtxre)
⏩   Swich style changed to activate the Mod's (By Krevtxre)
⏩   It is now more fluid, less Lag ... (Special thanks to cleaning code AbrakadabraModz)
⏩   And many other icons changed in all screens Special thanks for support in modifying and creating icons for this Mod to AbrakabraModz, StyleModz & Krevtxre)
⏩   Change icon shipping in conversation screen
⏩   Changing Screen Icons call (incoming, missed and outgoing)
⏩   DPI support icons: (HDPI, xhdpi, XXHDPI and XXXHDPI)
⏩   Changed default launcher icon (New Style By Krevtxre material design)
⏩   Notification icons changed style design Material (New icons and multi  colored fillings)
⏩   Some icons changed in the conversation screen
⏩   Advertising eliminated (By Krevtxre)

GBWhatsapp v5.60 Base Features :

⏩   New base Updated 2.17.146 (playstore)
⏩   Added capability to send all files (eg, APK, Wod, P.Point, etc ...)
 Pin unblocked Chats
⏩   (Exclusive) Pin capacity more than 3 Chats (The default is 3) (Exclusive) Show tab contacts in 3 different styles (Mod. 6.8) (Old UI)
⏩   (Exclusive) Added Attach icon in the header (in the new user interface was removed by default)
⏩   Added option to change the pattern to hide chats (Go to Hide chat list and click the gear icon in the upper right)
⏩   The option to hide icon attach from the header (Mod 1.1.14) was added
⏩   Added option to hide icon attach the entry into chat (Mod 1.2.44)
⏩   Color added to  text of the document (be  same as the hyperlink)
⏩   Fixed Show contact state (Mod 2.2.2)
⏩   Fixed Heads-up notifications nougat (Mod 6.11) The fixed pattern  not displayed for some phones ⏩  when chatsCorregido time hides the voice memo
⏩   Fixed Delete button background
⏩   Fixed lock WhatsApp
 other corrections..

GBWhatsapp5.60 Apk REMOD WhatsappPlus Reborn

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