No Ads, No Watermarks
Group message counter
Lightweight - App Size Reduced to 23MBs (NEW)
Fast, Secure, Stable as Stock WhatsApp
Different Package Name (com.tmwhatsapp)  (NEW)
Moved 'Status and Phone' card to its old location
Disabled Background App Downloading to Save on Data (NEW)
Ability to Freeze Last Seen, Hide Double Tick & Blue Ticks
Extended Expiry Date (NEW)
Inbuilt Video Player (May Not Work for Some Phones) (NEW)
Hide Date & Time while copying messages
Hide Archived Chat
Different Folder Name (TMWhatsApp) (NEW)
Make Text & Numbers selectable
Added link to fully paid Android Apps (NEW)
Added direct link to join our WhatsApp Group (NEW)
Added direct link to download latest version of TMWhatsApp (NEW)
Added toggle to on/off GIF support
Disable image share limit and Video Size Limit
Ability to change Document Size (from 0MB to 1GB)
Ability to change Image Size (from 0KB to 10.24MB)
Ability to change Image Quality (from 0% to 100% )
Backup & restore data (similar to Titanium backup)
Ability to change image Resolution (from 0PX to 3840PX) (Can send 4K images).

How to Install ? TM WHATSAPP :

⇨First Download TMWhatsApp Dual APK file and save it in your PC or Phone.

⇲Note: Do not uninstall your stock WhatsApp (Original WhasApp)

⇨Open the TMWhatsApp Dual APK file and install it on your Android smartphone.

⇨Now follow the screen instructions. Accept the installation with the “Accept” button and verify your second number.

⇨Congratulations, now you have successfully installed 2 WhatsApp on 1 device.

Download link:

TMWhatsapp download

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