DELTA ULTRA v4.0.2 Apk Latest Version Download

Download DELTA WA ULTRA 4.0.2 Apk Latest Version


Base: Fouad 9.21 (


πŸ”· Fixed send/forward message Files in "Whatsaap" Layout.

πŸ”· Conversation Chats Counter (Like iOS)
πŸ”· New 3 Header Conversation Styles
πŸ”· Custom Color for Header Conversation Styles and More
πŸ”· Improvements for Quick Contacts and Change Details Colors
πŸ”· Send Documents Files to 5GB Max.
πŸ”· New Launcher Icons Appearance
πŸ”· Hide Members Group Counter
πŸ”· Change Style for Settings Appearance
πŸ”· Change Style for Profile Appearance
πŸ”· Change Download and View Status Button Color
πŸ”· Animated Instagram Stories Circle and Bubbles
πŸ”· Avatar Cards With Bubbles and Animated Circle
πŸ”· Animated Cards Center Line
πŸ”· Custom Image Card Rows
πŸ”· Forward Audio Files to Voice Notes
πŸ”· Chat Mention Icon Style
πŸ”· Performance App Mode
πŸ”· Economy App Mode
πŸ”· Extra Options Like:

πŸ”Ή No remove counter when chat's opened
πŸ”Ή Forward without unselect
πŸ”Ή No receive messages
πŸ”Ή No send messages
πŸ”Ή Fake voice note
πŸ”Ή Fake admin tag
πŸ”Ή Clear status
πŸ”Ή Blank text

πŸ”Ί Anti-virus Options Like:

- Anti OutOfMemory Error
- Anti App Virus Crashes
- Immortal Home v2
- Location virus
- WebPage virus
- Contact virus
- Image virus
- Audio virus
- Text virus
And More...

🟒 Delete for Everyone to 2 Days and 12H (More soon...)
🟒 Old UI Contact List
πŸ”» Don't download custom media option
πŸ”» Who can view see my view in status option
πŸ”» Ui Attachment Style
πŸ”» Some visual and others bugs
🌟And More Improvements

The Ultimate Guide to Download DELTA ULTRA

1- WHATSAPP (COM.WA) Download

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