DYOWA v73 Latest Version Download

Download DYoWA v73 Latest Version Apk

Features oF DYOWA :

•• Added New home styles
•• Added Fast scroll chat theme (Conversation Screen - Fast Scroll)
•• Added Emoji size (Conversation Screen -  Emoji size)
•• Added New conversation toolbar styles
•• Added Change 3dots chat icon (Conversation Screen - Action Bar - Chat Action Icon Style)
•• Added Gradient conversation bubble (Conversation Screen -  Bubble and ticks - Gradient bubble)
•• Added Cut message (Conversation screen - Bubble and ticks - Cut message)
•• Added Disable heart animation (Conversation screen - Bubble and ticks - Heart animation)
•• Added Custom gradient bubble (Conversation Screen -  Bubble and ticks - Gradient bubble)
•• Added New custom Entry banner 6 styles (Conversation Screen - Conversation entry - Entry banner)
•• Added New entry icons (Conversation screen - Conversation entry - new entry icon)
•• Added New dialog ui
•• Added many more...
•• Fixed Previous bug

The Ultimate Guide to Download DWhatsApp

com.whatsapp : unclone : Download
com.yowa : clone : Download

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