Fouad WhatsApp V10.06 Latest Version Apk Download

Download Latest Version FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Update 

Name -FMWA

Updated On - 20/04/2024

Version - V10.06

Publisher - FouadMODS

Size - 69 MB

Requires - Android 5.1 and above

Base -

Explaning How to install Fouad’s WhatsApp against the ban and use your banned number without problems ✔️

➡️ First, you must install the official WhatsApp and activate your number

- Then install Fouad WhatsApp one of the following packages: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

- Then you confirm your number - you will receive the code on the official WhatsApp - enter the code - congratulations

🔁 It is possible that WhatsApp will force you to wait an hour or 8 hours until you can send the code again. Just wait, do not worry.

💠 If you want to keep the chat

You must first take a backup copy of the chat from the official WhatsApp.

↪️ Then you rename the WhatsApp file located in:

↪️ If your phone is Android 11 and higher:

WhatsApp profile in:


Rename according to the package you will use (,yo,fm)

For example FMWhatsApp com.fmwhatsapp

Then enter inside the same file you will find

WhatsApp You rename to FMWhatsApp

Then you activate your number on Fouad’s WhatsApp and retrieve the conversations

↪️ If your phone is Android 10 and below

You just have to rename the WhatsApp file located in the internal memory From WhatsApp To FMWhatsApp, for example Please make sure to delete the old version 9.98 and install version 10.05

Please follow the instructions completely and read all the explanations that we published previously in case you encounter any problem

⚠️ This update we focused on fixing the ban issue.

💠 In the next updates we will solve all the problems.

Download Link of Fouad WhatsApp :

Fouad WhatsApp+[com.wa]

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