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📆 16/12/2021

Changelog V9.11:

📌 Fixed 5 minutes status (Aero Privileges >> Home Screen >> Status >> 5-minute status).

📌 Fixed send images in full resolution (Aero Privileges >> Universal >> Settings >> Send images in full resolution).

Changelog V9.10:

🍃 [Added- Exclusive] Mark as "opened/seen" option for view once photos/videos!
🍃 [Added - Exclusive] Mass message sender can send images/videos!
🍃 [Added] Mass message sender (broadcast to many groups/chats).

📌 Fixed anti view once photos/videos turning "opened/viewed" randomly.
📌 Fixed contact name color not taking in status and calls screen.
📌 Fixed calls icon not showing in white themes.
📌 Fixed view once photos/videos not loading after "mark as opened".
📌 Fixed message entry unread counter not centered.
📌 Fixed some design bugs.
📌 Fixed "Read More".

Many other fixes and improvements.

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