DELTA ULTRA v3.9.0 Latest Version Download

Download Delta Ultra v3.9.0 Apk

πŸ“† 09-12-2021

🏷 Base: Fouad 9.05 (

Features oF DELTA WhatsApp ULTRA :

πŸ”΄ Added Privacy Home Shortcut (beta)
πŸ”΄ Added First Message Chat Button (Scroll Up)
πŸ”΄ Added Custom Arrows for Scroll Up Button
πŸ”΄ Added Pause Continuous Voice Notes
πŸ”΄ Added 2 New Chat Entry
πŸ”΄ Added Resize/Color for Chats Divisor
πŸ”΄ Added Translator Without Google Translate
πŸ”΄ Added Preview Header Entrys
πŸ”΄ Added Elegantly Quick Contact v16
πŸ”΄ Added Large v2 Card Row

πŸ”» Re-added Erase to all unlimited
πŸ”» Re-added Disable Big Heart Emoji
πŸ”» Fixed Send Long VΓ­deos/High Resolution Images (Image quality)
πŸ”» Fixed and Improved Some Options

☑️ #Fixed Bugs and Errors

🌟 And More Improvements

πŸ“Ž Download and details πŸ‘‡πŸ»


1st (primary)
com.whatsapp - Download

2nd (secondary)
com.yowhatsapp - Download

3rd (secondary)

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