DYOWA v70 Latest Version Download (DWhatsApp)

Download New Version oF DYOWA v70 Apk

Features oF DYOWA :

•• Added Additional expiry date

•• Added Change home styles (Home - Home Display Style)

•• Added New home styles

•• Added New drawer styles (Open drawer by Clicking Photo Profile)

•• Added Update dialog

•• Added Change fab story color (Home - Top Tab)

•• Added Change border fab story color (Home - Top Tab)

•• Added New menu (3 dots - Tools)

•• Added Click fab tools menu for open settings

•• Added New fab icon (Home - Button fab)

•• Moved Archived settings (Home - List row)

•• Moved Quick contact settings (Home - Home styles)

•• Added Change airplane, night mode and status dialog (Home - Dialog -Action Dialog)

•• Added Show/hide name top tab oneui (Home - Top Tab)

•• Added Show/hide icon top tab oneui (Home - Top Tab)

•• Fixed Quick contact

•• Fixed Translations

•• Fixed Attachment picker

•• Fixed Home styles issue

•• Fixed Stories styles

•• Fixed Dialog show

•• Fixed Timeline row

•• Fixed OneUI styles

•• Fixed Little more

Note: In this latest version, it's easier for you to customize WhatsApp

Happy theming...

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