DYOWA v66 Latest Version Download(DWhatsApp)

Download DYoWA v66 Latest Version apk

Features oF DYOWA :

•• Added Clean cache (OneUI Style) open-> swipe drawer - cache,, Mod+ - Cache.
•• Added New archived style
•• Added New archived theming options (Home Styles - Archived)
•• Added Custom your name in archived style (Home Styles - Archived)
•• ReAdded Pager animations
•• ReAdded Show/hide swipe pager
•• Fixed Open youtube player crash
•• Fixed Conversation issue
•• Fixed Crash when landscape mode
•• Fixed Crash when exit app
•• Fixed Launch app issue
•• Fixed IG Stories theming not work OneUI Style
•• Fixed Name space OneUI Style
•• Fixed Archived styles
•• Fixed Archived distance
•• Fixed Story distance
•• Fixed Little more

The Ultimate Guide To Download DWhatsApp Apk

com.whatsapp(unclone) : Download
com.yowa(clone) : Download

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