DELTA M4 v3.7.3F Latest Version Download

Download Best WhatsAppMod Delta M4 v3.7.3F

How to install Delta M4 Without Expiry

for those who want to install delta M-04 without expiry

 1. first install Fouad above and then verify the number >> Download

 2. After installing Fouad, back up data via Mod settings then click on general then click on backup and restore continue back up data> >

 3. uninstall/delete whatsapp fouad tafi>>

 4. enter / open the file manager application, then search for whatsapp and then enter YOBACKUP>COM.WHATSAPP

 5. Delete ALL folders except those marked in the picture ABOVE ...besides the FILE folder delete all

 6. Install DELTA M-04 >> Download

 7. on the first screen select RESTORE (red color) WA will close itself
 8. Open WA, then enter the number and continue... don't worry, this step doesn't need a verification number
 9. ENJOY DELTA M-04 again
 10. this is the most important thing.... CHAT BACKUP LOST 🙏

The Ultimate Guide To Download DELTA M4 Apk

Theme for Delta M4 : Download
com.whatsapp : Download

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