Fouad WhatsApp v8.86 Latest Version Download (FMWhatsApp)

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#FouadWhatsApp V8.86

📆 09-04-2021

Features oF Fouad WhatsApp :

🏷 Base:

🔸 [Re-Added] Ability to save Profile Picture
🔸 [Fixed] Contacts list not showing on some phones
🔸 [Fixed] Status Splitter crash on some phones
🔸 [Misc] Other fixes and improvements

🔺 Added: New options to download story (copy caption, share, etc.)
🔺 Added: FMThemes Store Dark/Light mode automatically
🔺 Added option to hide Privacy terms notice msg (Universal > Hide Privacy msg). You can hide it without accepting.
🔺 Moved/Fixed "Copy caption" from long press to download options
🔺 Fixed shop items crash
🔺 Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption mention
🔺 Fixed themes wallpaper not applying on some phones
🔺 Fixed YoWA Entry not taking background color
🔺 Fixed full backup not working on Android 11+
🔺 Added translations for Voice changer options
🔺 Improved other translations
🔺 Other fixes and improvements

☑️ Misc Many other fixes and improvements

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