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New Base: V8.60
📆 12-15-2020

Features oF WhatsApp AERO :

🟠 Mention mark
🟠 Point online / offline
🟠 Added rich options for
🟠 Personalization for Online / Offline Dot:
🟠 Option to change the main color.
🟠 Option to change the 2. exterior color.
🟠 Option to change the 3. exterior color.
🟠 Option swipe right.
🟠 Option to swipe left.
🟠 Option to slide down.
🟠 Option to swipe up.
🟠 Option to change the point size.
🟠 Customization options for the archived row:
🟠 Option to hide Archived row.
🟠 Option to change the background color of the Archived row.
🟠 Option to change the icon color of the Archived row.
🟠 Option to change the text color of the Archived row.
🟠 Blue tick in the answer for groups (it is automatically enabled with the normal blue tick in the answer option).
🟠 ZIP file upload theme.
🟠 Click on the status title to copy.
🟠 New UI to copy text selection from message bubble
🟠 Advanced search
🟠 New custom wallpaper UI.
🟠 New input styles.
🟠 New sources.
🔷 Option to increase advance limit to 250 (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK).
🟠 Option to hide recent chats.
🟠 Option to hide other contacts.
🟠 Option to hide contact frequently.
📌 Optimized all advanced home screen styles.  You no longer need to use FAB fixes.  🍬
📌 Fixed GoPrime Advanced Home Screen styling bugs.
📌 Fixed random crashes when sending messages to groups.
📌 Fixed sending messages in groups is time consuming.
📌 Fixed blue tick on reply locks.
📌 Fixed the skid row crash.
📌 Fixed reset preferences now also reset default wallpaper.
📌 Fixed crash when using status divider on some phones (not all).
📌 The new fixed menu now closes automatically.
📌 Fixed issue where mod screen disappears when background image is active in some home screen styles.
📌 Fixed quick contact styles bugs.
Misc many other fixes and improvements.

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