DYOWA v42 Latest Version Download (DWhatsApp)

Download  dYowa v42 new version


Features oF DYOWhatsApp :

•• Added Fake Admin (stay admin) just for happfun
•• Added Quick Contact Chat (Conversation - Quick Contact Chat)
•• Added now available background photo for iPhone style (Universal - Background)
•• Added Anti virus location (NEW)
•• Added Anti virus text
•• Added Anti virus contact
•• Added Easy Tag (All Tag)
•• Added Fast access
•• Added Increase forward limit to 100 instead 5 (Others - Media Settings)
•• Added Story 20 minutes instead 45second (Others - Media Settings)
•• Added Max quality resolution story
•• Added HD Quality for share images
•• Added Original quality for share images
•• Moved Home fab settings (Home - Button Fab - Home Fab)
•• Added Gradient Colors
•• Fixed Blank white text in settings
•• Fixed Dark mode settings
•• Fixed Error occurred suddenly
•• Fixed Error when coming out and back in
•• Fixed Convo Style
•• Fixed Theming options
•• Fixed more i forgotten

The Ultimate Guide To DWhatsApp v42 Apk Download :

DYOWhatsApp themes : Download Apk

[Clone] : com.yo : Download Apk

[Unclone] : com.wa : Download Apk

[Unclone] : com.gb : Download Apk

[Unclone] : com.fm : Download Apk

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