DYOWA v40 Latest Version Download (DWhatsApp)

Download DWhatsApp New Version Update.


Features oF DYOWA :

❤️ Base Update >220.199.14

● Added > New attachment picker

● Added» Option to enable/disable new attachment UI dYowa Conversation)

● Added > Animation ta necw attachment

◆ Added Attachment theming option

dYowa » Conversation)

● Added > Hame menu lke whatsopp ori

● Added> All dyowa features from old version

● Added >5 Entries Style

● Added > 16 Bubble Style

● Added » 14 Ticks Style

● Added>5 Entries Style

● Added> "NEW" word next ta new entrics/ticks/bubbles

● Added»Option to change Online Toast Location ld Yowa > Home)

● Added Option to change Online Toast Duration (dYowa > Home)

● Added> Option to change Dnline Toast Background (dYowa > Home

● Added > Option to change Online Toast Text Cd Yowa > Home)

● Redesign>View status

● Redesign> dYowa settings

☑️ Fixed> reply message in conversation

☑️ Fixed» Blank camera when use ios style

☑️ Fixed» Click 3paint crash on status screcn

☑️ Fixed>One Ul rotate issue

☑️Fixed "Room' aption in new attachment UIl. IF FB Messenger is not installed, the icon will switch to Camera.

☑️ Fixed Status tab has number. Changed to dot only

☑️ Fixed» Unread counter issue (ex. call)

☑️ Don't wory you can retum to style Original WhatsApp ONE Ui and Modern Ui.

☑️ Fixed> Custom Wallpaper

● Fixed » Location attachment crash

● Fixed» Some crashes

● Fixed>Other minor things

● Fixed "increase forward limit to 250" option.

>>Enjoy and discover by yourself.

Download Link oF DYOWA :

com.whatsapp : clone : Download Apk

unclone : Download Apk

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