AERO WhatsApp v8.40 Latest Version Download


#WhatsApp Aero V8.40

Features oF Aero WhatsApp :

😎The base version of WhatsApp has been updated to
😱 Exclusive ONE UI design added.
πŸ˜‰A new default theme (light / night) was added.
😳A new added styles have been added for IG Story.
😏A new UI was added to add IG Story status.
😌A new UI design has been added for bottom bar styles.
😳A new user interface was added to activate options (airplane mode, light / night mode).
😯 Added animation for airplane icon when power on to alert you.
😌Added animated airplane icon when turned on to alert you.
 Added a color options added for IG Story items.
Fixed contact image not showing when sending media in groups.
Fixed Airplane icon and Light / Night mode not hiding in groups tab bug.
Fixed bottom bar styles not working properly rtl bug.
 Updated translations.
 Added new fix options to home screen modifications.
Fixed status seen notification bug.

NOTE The translation function in conversations now requires the installation of the application (Google Translate).
πŸ”· Fixed message delay bug.
πŸ”· Fixed group tab unread counter flicker bug.
πŸ”· Fixed broadcast icon error not displayed in broadcast message error.
πŸ”· Fixed hiding blue mic not working bug.
πŸ”· Fixed hide statuses bug in custom privacy.
πŸ”· Fixed crash when setting wallpaper in chat / group.

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