DWhatsApp Selebgram v21 Latest Version Download

WhatsApp Selebgram v21
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Features oF DWhatsApp Selebgram :

🔷 Added> Message number notification badge Like Instagram
🔷 Added> 5 New home styles (Home Story and Lite Instagram Stories
🔷 Added> Change style tab instagram (10 styles)
🔷 Added> Change background color and text Message Notification in quick chat
🔷 Added> Change ringtone message send 8 styles (Pikachu, minion, iphone)
🔷 Added> Photo Angle
🔷 Added> Drawer menu
🔷 Added> Find people
🔷 Added> Photo Angle
🔷 Added> Your Activities
🔷 Moved> Video Splitter (to Drawer)
🔷 Refresh> Edit Profile
🔷 Refresh> Home UI
🔷 Refresh> Home Camera Blank

The Ultimate Guide To DWhatsApp V21 Apk Download

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com.gbwhatsapp : Download Apk

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