WhatsApp Plus DharkDroid v1.49 Bug Fixed Download

Dhark Droid: Wa 1.49 by DharkDroid

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DWhatsApp v0.10 Download [Updated]

Features oF WhatsApp+ :

* Add-Quick Contact Like Telegram
* Add-New Design Settings
* Add-Added Cover In Side Menu
* Add-Added New HomeRC
* Profile Photo Add-Toast
* Add-Color in toast (Text and background)
* Add-timer in toast time
* Add-Disable heart animation
* Add-Color Background to Attach
* Add-Color in attach text
* Add-Animation in photo from side menu. Place HD 822x1280 photo or similar
* Add-Hide Archived chats
* Fix-Correction in Home Old
* Correction in Home Dhark home curved

The Ultimate Guide To WhatsApp+ v1.49 Apk Download

#1 - WA+
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#2- WAFAP-
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