BMWhatsApp ios X v31 Apk Latest Version Download

WhatsApp BM comes in three versions, the official replacement version and two copies alongside the official, with great features and all the features of  WhatsApp Plus and the real iPhone. And much much more. Download BMWhatsApp latest version.

Features oF BMWhatsApp

- Base Update 2.20.11
- Enabled New Emojis
- Re-Edit Design Lock Screen
- Added 3 Styles Conversations Row Like Delta-WA
- Added Cover Photo Profile Info
- Added List View Effect
- Added Resizer Counter Tabs
- Added Emojis iOS
- Added Widget Calender View In Actionbar (click date actionbar)
- Removed Resizer Conversations Row
- Removed Browser Navigations Tab
- Fixed And More...

BM WA iOS X v31

The Ultimate Guide To BMWhatsApp v31 Apk Download

1- com.whatsapp Download Apk

2- com.whatsase Download Apk

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  1. Я хочу скачать ватсап БМ но не скачивается