RWhatsApp v2.6 Latest Version Download Now By Ravi

Download RWhatsApp v2.6 Apk

Changelog v2.6 :-

--> BugsFixed Some Bugs Fixed
--> Added Option To Enable/Disable Bottom Navigation Bar
--> Added Option To Enable/Disable FAB

Changelog v2.5 :-

--> Exclusive NEW Home UI Like Instagram
--> Enabled Fingerprint By Default
--> Added Custom Color Picker in Status
--> Added Enable/Disable DND Mode
--> Added Video Splitter for Status
--> Added Option to Enable/Disable Forward Tag
--> Added Increased Message Forward Limit to Unlimited
--> Added Multi Chats(Works Only on Android 5.0 and Above)
--> Added Anti-Expiry for 2 years
--> Added Increased Character Limit to Unlimited
--> Added Increased Pin Chat Limit to Unlimited
--> Added Message Bomber
--> Added Swipe Right to Left to Exit Chat
--> Added Hide Muted Status
--> Added Hide Viewed Status
--> Added Hide Recent Status
--> Added Ability to Save Status/Story (Click on 3 Dot Menu to Download)
--> Added Ability to Copy Text Status (Click on 3 Dot Menu to Copy)

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