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DownloadGAWhatsApp 3.0 Apk By alabidi_tech

Through this post we will update you Whatsapp Plus, GAWhatsApp and GAModsApp  latest version and with new features that are required for everyone, such as hide appearances and secure chats, we will review them all in detail and now leave you with the advantages of copying

Changelog v3.0

* You can copy the status
* You can hide impressions
* You can prevent retrieving messages
* You can copy the text state
* You can hide that you saw someone's status
* You can lock the application in style or numbers
* You can add more than 257 in the group message list max
* Hide chat names
* You can control the text size of the conversation screen
* You can change application colors and make themes
* You can send a message to an unsaved number
* You can put your name, number or status in place of a word on your home screen
* Hide archived chats
* You can hide the line between chats
* You can restore the old form of the account
* You can select part of the text and copy it
* You can hide conversation information
* You can exit the conversation by dragging such as thelegram
* You can open more than one conversation at the same time
* You can view long messages without reading read more
* You can clear the feeds used in the Facebook drawer
* You can hide non-important cases
* You can hide the conditions that have been viewed
* You can hide recent cases
* You can delete the cache files that cause the weight and hang in the wattab
* You can turn off the message counter on the main icon
* You can change the program icon
* You can change the program notifications icon
And lots of ....

 What's new in version v3.0?

● Update for version 2.19.39
●  Exclusive sending more than 30 images at once from the lower camera button
●  Exclusive option to scan the sent image file
●  Exclusive add option to scan the video file sent
●  Exclusive Add option to scan the uploaded document file
●  Add option 8.5 to disconnect the net for Alwatsab only
● add option 3.1 to load cases (additions and characteristics - screen case)
● add more notices icons
● addition floating button bottom of the screen to load situations ( you must watch the situation before Aldhol option)
● add a floating button bottom of the screen to write a new text case
● Add a floating button at the bottom of the screen to re-create Gail for application
● Add a floating button at the bottom of the screen to access developer information
● Add option 1.6 to hide the icons added from the bottom of the screen
● Add option 2.13 to change the chat bubble to 19 format (Themes section)
● Ability to forward and send message without a converted message
● Add 2.8 to show converted When you forward a message
● Add option 1.2 to change the color of the top bar icons for the settings
● Copy the contact number (contact information - press long on the number and a message will be displayed)
Download status )
● possibility of installing a number Drdha No limited instead of 3 chats in the home screen
● Ability to make a single reply to a group message (enter group - long press on a message - individual reply at the top of the screen)
● Support changing the color of the top screen of the screen (contacts, settings, call screen names) Option 1.1 Theme section
● Support lock for Arabic Now when the program closes it will appear You lock the Arabic interface instead of English

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