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Changelog 7.81

🔸 Exclusive: Drawer
🔸 Exclusive profile picture in the Home
🔸 Exclusive: new home additives and improved
🔸 Exclusive: our entrys added
🔸 New ticks
🔸 New png For Rcyowa Glax material Icon
🔸 Exclusive: 3 new styles of Conversation
🔸 New ui retouched for RcYowa ios
🔸 New scroll style in the list of the Home in the RcYowa glax
🔸 Added Coloring Recent States 2.1.16 and states
🔸 Viewed 2.1.15
🔸 Drawing thematics in universal options
🔸 Now it is thematized more than the previous version.
🔸 Color navbar icons 2.1.1 and icons of the toolbar in general in the Home
🔸 Color the color of the. cards of chats 2.1.2
🔸 Color sticker background: 3.1.28
🔸 Color now Attachments:
🔸 Background 3.1.37
🔸 Text 3.1.38
🔸 Icons for attachment ios 3.1.39
🔸 Color background of settings 1.1.0 and color of texts 1.1.6
🔸 Pick cover photo to drawer 1.1.7
🔸 New design of settings and profile information foot android style
🔸 Design ios of settings for RcYowa ios
Now available first package com.wa - and second package com.rcyowa

<<-- RC-YOhatsApp  -->> (com.whatsapp) 

<<--RC-YOhatsApp  -->> (com.rcwhatsapp) 

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