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 [New] Base updated to 2.19.9 (Web)
 [New] 3D Effects (Mod 1.11)
 [New] Home Themes (Mod 1.12)
 [New] Disables notification for Lollipop users (Mod 5.1)
 [New] Hides archived chats (Mod 5.2)
 [New] Option to disable text selection in conversation screen (Mod 2.8)
 [New] Option to change the emojis style to the old ones (Mod 2.9)
 [Enabled] Sending documents over 100MB
 [Improved] Applies any mod without the need to restart
 [New] New Drawer
 [New] Notification icons (Mod 5.3)
 [New] Show your information in the settings part
 [Correction] Translation of the app to Spanish
 [New] Snow effects
 [New] Attachment Styles (Mod 2.6)
 [New] Added the option to remove the forwarded tag (Mod 2.2)
 [New] Disables audio playback notification (Mod 2.3)
 [New] Option to display autotext icon (Mod 2.4)
 [New] Option to change conversation bubbles (Mod 2.5)
 [Reorganized] The BSEWAMODS menu
 [New] Option for image quality in states (Mod 5)
 [New] Option for the image size in states (Mod 5)
 [New] Option to increase the duration of a video in states (Mod 5)
 [New] Option for image size when sending (Mod 5)
 [New] BigText


🔹 Hide Seen from states
🔹 Hide Blue Ticks
🔹 Hide Second Tick
🔹 Anti-delete Messages
🔹 Anti-delete states
🔹 Hide Online
🔹 Hide Typing
🔹 [New] Updated Base 2.18.379 (Web)
🔹 [New] Download / Cope states
🔹 [New] Added the LIST VIEW Effect
🔹 [New] Show name in header
🔹 [New] Show status in header
🔹 [New] Show number in header
🔹 [New] Hide recent statuses
🔹 [New] Hide recent silences
🔹 [New] Hide recent views
🔹 [New] Multitext
🔹 [New] Verify the version in real time
🔹 [New] Background on the home screen
🔹 [New] Multichats Added
🔹 [New] Send messages to non-scheduled contacts
🔹 [Fixed] Fix SMS
🔹 [New] BSE FONTS (Beta)
🔹 [New] Old UI 2014
🔹 [New] Old WAMOD

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