Download WhatsApp+ & AZWhatsApp v9.50 Latest Version

AZWhatsApp v9.50 Apk by Ali Alzaabi

Changelog v9.50

• AZWhatsApp version to open 2 Whatsapp accounts on the same machine

• AZWhatsApp version 2 to open 3 Whatsapp accounts on the same machine

Supports 4 - 4 Note machines S 6-7-Edge .. and more

▣- Hide the appearance
▣ - hide the health (II / Blue)
▣- Groups message statistics
▣- and more

MOD Features:

🔹Version is based on version 2.18.9
🔹 [Add] Auto reply (you can send an auto reply to incoming messages when you are busy)
🔹 [Add] Activate the Find a member feature in the group information
🔹 [Add] AutoText
🔹 [Add] Option to hide the AutoText icon
🔹 [Add] 7 New Forms for Bubble Chat Option # 1.2.3
🔹 [Add] 4 new formats for read and receive
🔹 [Add] 5 new icon icons for the main program option # 6.0
🔹 [Add] 16 new icon for message notifications option number 6.3
🔹 [Add] Option # 1.2.64 To disable the 'Group Admin' icon next to the name in the group
🔹 [Add] Option # 1.2.65 To change the 'Group Administrator' color next to the name in the group
🔹 [Add] You can manage group administrators through group information
🔹 [Add] Ability to edit group information by moderators only (soon activate)
🔹 [Repair] Ability to open / connect to any hidden conversation through (application contacts on device)
🔹 [Fix] Appear hidden conversations when you share a media file to the program
🔹 [Fix] Possibility to open any hidden conversation through 'Send message to unsaved number in your device'
🔹 [Fix] Appear hidden conversations in Widget
🔹 [Repair] Ability to open the program from the widget when you lock the program
🔹 [fix]  Ability to connect to a hidden conversation through the group
🔹 [Add] Hindi language support
🔹 Other reforms

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