WhatsApp Batman v1.0 Download Apk Latest Version

Batman WhatsApp 2017 Latest Version Update v1.0 Download. WhatsApp Batman Edition v1.0 Modded by +Dashingboy Kaushik​


• BASE: 2.17.349

• [Added] New icons

• [Added] New Emojis

• [Exclusive] GESTURE LOCK!

• [ExclusiveFixed] Work Now on Android 7.1.2

• [Added] New Privacy Code

• [Added] Hidden Feauters Upgrade

• [Added] Anty-Expiry

• [Added] Batman Bubble Style

• [Added]] Backup and Restore

• [Added] Reset Privacy – new look

• [New] Improved design in Batman Mods

The Ultimate Guide To WhatsApp Batman v1.0 Apk Download


App Size: 21.65 MB

 Package: com.whatsapp 

 Emoji: New

 Modder Developer:  Kaushik

                  Version: 1.0

WhatsApp Batman Edition v1.0 

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