HOWhatsapp 5.60apk Second Version PlusMod

HOWhatsapp Program and whatsapp Plus 5.60 update is based on the latest version 2.17.146

What 's New in version 5.60? 

* Update version Almarki 2.17.146
* possibility of sending software, games and all kinds of files
* Open conversation number is not registered
* You can install any chat at the top of the list of chats in order to reach them easily
* (exclusively) the possibility of installing more than 3 talks
* (exclusive) edit option No. 6.8 you can place a list of names instead of the status menu or instead of a call list record
* add an option to change the style of hidden conversations (open hidden conversations and then the settings button)
* add option 1.1.14 to hide the button enclosing the top bar in the conversation
* add option 02/01/44 to hide the button from the writing box enclosing the conversation
* repair option 6:11 to disable the appearance of pop - up notifications in issuing Noga (7.0)
* Repair style does not appear when you hide a conversation in some setups
* Repair does not appear when you open the lock of Alwatsab widget
* Some of the problems in hidden conversations repair
* Other reforms.

Download : HOWhatsapp V5.60 APK
Package : com.howhatsapp2
Download HO Whatsapp pLus Apk

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