NS Whatsapp 5.20 3D Edition


 *  3D icons throughout NSwhatsapp 
 *  Tarks OF TICKS AND BUBBLES the one 3D 
 *  Added bubbles visualization 
 *  Added social networking shortcut with more themes 
 *  Design clean and organized 
 *  Option to center the conversation header 
 *  Advanced video limit is 1024 MB 
 *  Added Brazilian Club icons in 3D (Mod 6.0) 
 *  Added Ticks of the main Brazilian clubs 
 *  Added shortcut to the Whatsapp Mods® community 
 *  New message sending and incoming sounds 
 *  Totally lighter, cleaner and less time consumption 
 *  Invisible Launcher and Notification Icon.

DownloadLinks :

NS WhatsApp + 3D 5:20 PRIMARIO    BASE 2.16.392

 NS WhatsApp 3D 5:20 SECONDARY    BASE 2.16.392


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