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#Base 2.20.193 V.10.1

Features oF Hazrd Mod :

[Update base on] 2.20.193.

🔷 [Addition] The night mode feature is officially on the main screen of WhatsApp.
🔷 [Add] Featured Swipe chat left to archive or left to contact.
🔷 [Tahseen] Ahmed Magdy additions items in a fabulous and distinctive way.
🔷 [Addition] Separate private / group chats separately.
🔷 [ADD] Pull the conversation row for quicker access to additional options.
🔷 [Addition] Use a new fingerprint interface.
🔷 [Addition] Bottom bar for conversations at the bottom of the main screen.
🔷 [Addition] Night mode for WhatsApp and for options.
🔷 [Add] Change and download the style emoji
🔷 Running animated stickers.
🔷 [ADD] Option to use phone emojis.
🔷 [Improvement] The performance and speed of the application.
🔷 [Addition] feature to delete the message for everyone at any time, even after 360 century.
🔷 [Improvement] feature of the floating button in the conversation screen.
🔷 [Improvement] Text Explosive feature (automatic).
🔷 [Improvement] The feature of sending distinctive emoji.
🔷 [Addition] and reform raising the case’s duration to an hour for some.
🔷 [Improvement] The quick chat feature to enter to message anyone from within the same conversation.
🔷 [Addition] many advantages.

🔷 [Fixed] All bugs included in version 10.2.

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  1. Make the settings (customization) like everyone else, not some themes are missing.