AKWhatsapp 1.0 apk credit Ahmad akmods

* The first version of the
AKWhatsapp 1.0

• update version Almarki 2.17.79
• size application MB Download now 25
• add the new status feature (Alsturi)
• add direct access when the option to uninstall the application or scan data only then back up , and clicking on the direct access button will retrieve all your conversations.
• Add some useful sites that benefit users ,
• Add some of the Holy Qur'an neatly like you read from the Koran
• any conversation lock with a password
• Exclusively adding the option to go back to the old interface
• Ability to change the language of the application for several languages
• Add an option to see become connected to the application will notifies you when any person to enter Alwatsab
• add VSAT new Alwatsab
• add option in the privacy to prevent the knowledge of any one you saw the special case it
• (exclusively) add 5.4 option to place the case of high resolution
• fix the problem of the closure by force in some setups
• (exclusive ) the ability to display messages sent N any person in the group separately (open any group , and then click on any name , and then choose to view messages sent from this person or open a profile group , and then choose any member and choose to view messages sent from this user)
• (exclusive) Add option number 2.5. 7 The program will alert you when any person to change his image profile
• (exclusively) you can convert any video clip of any size to the animated picture and send it
• the possibility of opening a new chat from the floating button
• (exclusively) the possibility of knowing the conversations that you activate privacy or you activate customized for any conversation notifications (press Options and then customized) conversations
• Wait Bmma New and exclusive Zaat 👌


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